An Introduction for Students

Welcome to Nomad Academy!  We’re glad to see you have an interest in learning how to use media as a tool for making disciples.  Our hope is that these courses will help you start creating media that will get the attention of seekers and help them make a life-changing decision to become followers of Christ!

Now that you are enrolled, take a few minutes to watch this video.  It includes helpful things to know about this site and what you can do to make this learning experience as good as possible.

(Click below to download a helpful .PDF version of the content of this introductory video.)

We’re glad you have enrolled to learn how to use media as a tool for ministry.  The courses will give you some very helpful, real-world advice on how to plan and complete a media outreach strategy that will find and engage seekers. Our hope is that you will begin to pray for those who will be reached through your efforts.  Ask God to bless your time of study and help you learn as much as possible while you take these courses. 

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